Multi-Purpose Device (A2081) Manual Version B (X-Ray Control)

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The A2081 is a multi-purpose device that controls analog and digital inputs and outputs with a LCMX02-1200ZE programmable logic device by Lattice semiconductor. The A2081 combines elements of the A2057 input/output head and the A2060 programmable logic head (which we often use in tandem) on one board.

Figure: A208101B Multi-Purpose Device with X-Ray Control Circuit.

Connection Cable Color # of Pins Connector Color
Power Supply +10V Green/Black 2 White
X-Ray Control Outputs Orange/Black/Yellow/Black 4 White
Hallway Lamp Yellow/Black 2 White
Outlet Yellow/Black 2 Red
Door Orange/Black 2 White
Interlock Blue 1 White
Table: Cable Connections of X-Ray Control Circuit. Listed in order from top to bottom.



Note: All our schematics and Gerber files are distributed under the GNU General Public License.

S2018B: X-Ray Control Extension Circuit(s).
S2081_1: LWDAQ Interface, Schematic Page One
S2081_2: Logic Chip, Schematic Page Two
S2081_3: Analog to Digital Converters, Schematic Page Three
S2081_4: Digital to Analog Converters, Schematic Page Four

A208101B: Gerber files for A208101B

Code: X-Ray Control Firmware for U7, LCMX02-1200ZE programmable logic chip.